About Us - Fresh Brands USA

In a world filled with germs, diseases and illness, some which may be fatal, there is a great need in our society to do whatever we can to stay healthy and live longer.  Public places, modes of transportation and travel are the greatest offenders of spreading germs, bacteria and diseases. 

Driven by the desire to travel in a cleaner, healthier environment, road warrior, Aaron Lew, created and cofounded the Fresh Flight company which offers travelers a much cleaner and healthier way to travel.  Aaron has spent the past three decades traveling both domestically and internationally as an executive in the surgical device arena.  He’s spent countless hours in dirty airplanes, taxis, trains and ride shares.  Educating himself on the germs, bacteria and filth left behind on all seats, armrests, seatbelts and tray tables was an eye opener.  He knew there had to be a better way to protect travelers.

Aaron’s wife, Amy, took Aaron’s brilliant idea and became the CEO of Fresh Flight, LLC.  Amy is a busy mother of three who frequently flies to visit family out of state while trying to keep their children from getting sick while traveling.  Dozens of antibacterial wipes could not completely remove the filth and germs from the surfaces surrounding them, specifically on airplanes.  Knowing that hundreds to thousands of travelers occupy airplane seats before they are cleaned is a cause for serious concern. 

Aaron’s idea of creating a simple, protective seat cover is a breakthrough in cleaner, healthier travel.  He and Amy wanted to provide travelers with a disposable  seat cover that fits easily in a purse, briefcase or backpack.  More importantly, they wanted the product to be lightweight and affordable.  They collaborated with designers, production teams and packaging firms.  In addition, they were fortunate to add Dawn Clarke, an industry expert with more than 30 years of experience in product development to the Fresh Flight team as COO/CTO & Partner and Pedro Escobar who serves as Chief Creative Officer & Partner.

Aaron and Amy are proud that Fresh Flight is not only a woman-owned company, but the seat cover is made solely in the United States! They’re excited to offer a convenient solution to a world-wide travel problem by creating Fresh Flight, a clean sheet for your seat!