Aaron Lew, a seasoned executive in the surgical device field, spent over three decades journeying across the globe. His extensive travel experience exposed him to the less-talked-about realities of public transportation and travel – the omnipresence of germs, bacteria, and potential illness. It wasn’t just about discomfort; it was a health concern that he witnessed affecting countless travelers, including himself. His deep understanding of hygiene and health safety in public spaces ignited the spark that would become Fresh Flight.

Amy, Aaron’s wife, complemented his vision with her pragmatic and empathetic approach. As a mother of three and a frequent flyer herself, Amy’s experiences added a personal dimension to the Fresh Flight initiative. She understood the struggles of parents trying to protect their children from germs, especially in confined spaces like airplanes. Her role as the CEO of Fresh Flight, LLC, wasn’t just a position; it was a mission to ensure safer travel for families everywhere.

Aaron and Amy Lew, Founders Of FlyFreshFlight

Together, Aaron and Amy were a formidable team. Their dedication to creating a healthier travel environment led to the innovative Fresh Flight seat cover, a simple yet effective solution to a problem faced by travelers worldwide. Their journey, marked by a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a genuine concern for public health, set the stage for FlyFreshFlight.com to evolve into a platform that not only offers practical travel solutions but also fosters a community of health-conscious and environmentally aware travelers.

In 2023, our story took a new turn when Dale Richard, a dynamic travel enthusiast and outdoors aficionado, came on board. Dale, in his mid-thirties, embodies the spirit of adventure and the love for the great outdoors. With a background in environmental science and a heart that beats for exploring the unexplored, Dale has hiked through the lush trails of the Appalachian Mountains, camped under the starlit skies of the Mojave Desert, and kayaked through the serene waters of the Great Lakes.

His adventures are not just about conquering new terrains but also about embracing the ethos of sustainable and responsible travel. Dale’s experiences, from navigating through dense forests to scaling remote peaks, bring a rich tapestry of stories, insights, and practical tips to our blog.

Dale Richard, Current Owner Of FlyFreshFlight.com

Our Mission

At FlyFreshFlight.com, we’re more than just a travel blog; we’re a community. Our mission is to inspire, guide, and equip you for your next outdoor adventure. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting, our blog is a treasure trove of information, covering everything from travel tips to outdoor survival skills.

What We Offer

  • Travel Insights: Dive into Dale’s personal travel logs, where he shares his experiences, the challenges he faced, and the joys of discovering new places.
  • Outdoor Tips and Tricks: Learn practical skills for camping, hiking, and outdoor survival. Our tips range from setting up the perfect campsite to selecting the right gear for different weather conditions.
  • Health and Safety: Inheriting the legacy of Fresh Flight, we emphasize health and safety in travel. Our articles cover how to stay healthy on the road, including advice on hygiene and disease prevention in various environments.
  • Eco-friendly Travel: Embrace sustainable travel practices with our guides on minimizing your carbon footprint and respecting the natural habitats you visit.
  • Destination Guides: Get detailed guides on various destinations, including hidden gems, popular trails, and must-visit sites, all curated by Dale and guest contributors who are experts in their fields.
  • Community Interaction: Join our vibrant community of travelers and outdoor enthusiasts. Share your stories, ask questions, and connect with others who share your passion for adventure and the outdoors.

Join Us on This Journey

At FlyFreshFlight.com, we believe that travel and outdoor adventures are not just about the destinations but the journey and the impact we leave behind. Whether you’re planning your next getaway or dreaming about future travels, we’re here to guide and inspire you every step of the way. Join us as we explore the beauty of the world, one adventure at a time.